Services & Production


In more than 40 years of business we have implemented and perfected our offer
to guarantee a finished product that is always optimal and in step with the changes that the market imposes.
The competence and scrupulousness of the controls during the production phase guarantee reliability and an excellent quality level of the yarns,  while the commercial organization and stock service of all items ensure a quick and efficient service. They allow the company to offer its customers classic and innovative yarns, always adhering to the trends and demands of the marke

Stock Service

Most of the items in our collection are available in stock with a very fast delivery service.


Each item can be delivered twisted in 2 or more plies according to the customer’s needs


We can provide to all our products a winding service on normal cones for weaving, on soft cone for dyeing, on calibrated cones, with splicer joints and electronic clearing.

Quality control

All the items in our collection are subjected to careful quality controls in a laboratory equipped with modern machineries and can be accompanied by technical data sheets.


For all items in the collection, cone bottoms or small sample quantities are sent on request.

New requests

Thanks to the presence of an internal technical office, it is possible to create “tailor-made” items starting from the customer’s requests and needs.


Our collections are the result of study, research, and innovation in order to create a product always new and competitive.


Our production follows the fundamental principles of quality
and service, increasing year after year, the wide range of yarns offered in various types
and colors, qualitatively tested and always available in stock.

Open-end yarns

Our Autumn-Winter and Spring-Summer collections include open-end yarns of various types for both knitting and weaving using mainly natural fibers such as wool, linen, hemp, bamboo, and silk combined with cotton, viscose, or polyester. These yarns are characterized by their low price and sustainability: in some cases, in fact, they are created starting from regenerated products with a consequent saving of resources and numerous advantages for the environment.

Wool system yarns

Worsted yarns in 100% wool from no. 4 to no. 64 and mixed wool with natural fibers such as silk, linen, hemp, and ramie, raw and colored “naturally dyed” from moretta wool. In the fine counts system these items are widely used in the high quality clothing sector, while the coarse counts produced starting from ordinary traditional raw materials, are in high demand in the weaving of furniture and in the production of carpets.

Silky system yarns

100% combed and carded silk yarns starting from different qualities of silk; they are suitable for both knitting and loom knitting and are characterized by the preciousness and freshness of the final product. In the collection there are articles of mass consumption in silk schappe, tussah and bourette.

Ring spun cotton yarns

The collection of Ring spun cotton yarns includes, for summer and winter, mixes of natural fibers with synthetic and artificial fibers in raw and dyed. From the most simple in blends of cotton-linen or viscose-linen to the more complex ones with wool and hemp, these yarns are among the most appreciated and used both in the clothing and in the furnishing sector for their high technical and aesthetic characteristics.

Linen system yarns

The collection includes 100% linen and 100% hemp wet spinning yarns, offered in bleached and natural. These items are used in the production of tablecloths, towels and sheets, clothing fabrics and special canvases for painting. We have been dealing with these yarns for more than forty years and we can guarantee a large stock-service and excellent quality in all types. We also offer them with the Gots Certification.

Fancy yarns

Bouclè, frisè, ondè, spiraled, cordonetti, flamed, twisted and special customized with all types of fibers, raw and dyed. They are suitable for all types of processing: produced in numerous compositions and colors, they allow great creative freedom and never ordinary effects. In the collection there is a wide range of products that is constantly enriched with new items requested by the market or developed in collaboration with customers.