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Davifil offers a wide range of yarn collections to meet the needs of every customer.


Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of our Spring/Summer collection. Our Spring/Summer collection features a range of light and breathable yarns, from fresh linens or cottons to more sophisticated fibres such as hemp or nettle. Each yarn has been carefully chosen to bring a touch of freshness to your projects for the warm season. The colours in our collection reflect those of nature: from pastel tones to vibrant shades, the natural colours of our fibres are designed to capture the spirit of the warmer months.


Explore the warm elegance of our Autumn/Winter collection, where our high-quality yarns blend with the latest trends to create unique and cosy garments. Our Autumn/Winter collection offers a variety of yarns designed to create clothes for colder seasons with style. From soft wool blends to colourful bio-wools. The colours in our collection reflect the richness of the season, from enveloping shades of earthy tones to vibrant autumnal greys, which not only warm but also capture the magical atmosphere of this unique season.


Explore our yarns for home furnishing. This collection features a wide range of fine yarns, from linen and hemp to jute and all our blends and patterns. Combine our yarns with craftsmanship to create unique furnishing accessories that will transform any space into an experience of comfort and sophistication. Choose from a variety of colours and patterns that reflect the latest trends in interior design. Our carefully selected yarns offer not only visual beauty, but also tactile comfort and durability.


Our commitment towards sustainability and respect for the environment