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Stock service

Most of the items in our collection are available in stock with a very fast delivery service.


For all our products we can offer a service of spooling for normal weaving bobbin, for soft bobbin for dyeing, for metered bobbin with or without paraffin, with splicer joints or electronic slub catcher.


Each item can be delivered twisted in 2 or more ends according to customer requirements. By applying the desired twist to the yarn, the final characteristics of the yarn, such as strength, elasticity or hand, can be influenced as desired.


This treatment involves the partial singeing of the yarn to reduce or eliminate the hairiness of the yarns, making them more workable and shiny. Singeing contributes to improving the appearance of fabrics, making them smoother, more uniform and brighter.


All our items can be dyed to facilitate customer use and to create patterned fabrics to meet stylists' design preferences and specifications

Quality assurance

All items in our collection are thoroughly checked in a modern equipped laboratory and can be accompanied by technical data sheets.

Free sampling

In order to allow our customers to directly experience all the items in the collection, we can send in request baby cones or small quantities of yarn for sample purposes.

New requests

Thanks to our own technical department, it is possible to produce ‘customised’ articles based on the customer's requests and requirements.