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Research, study and market analysis

Research, study and market analysis aimed at the creation, discovery and design of new products and collections. In this first and crucial phase, Davifil carries out an important research work, trying to acquire all relevant information on the target markets. It conducts trend or consumer behaviour analyses, market studies, in-depth evaluations of suppliers and competitors, SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analyses and identifies the market niches most relevant to the company. The aim is to identify opportunities, growth sectors and possible gaps in the market that the company could fill with its products. For each season, Davifil designs its own collections, customising existing products or developing new solutions unique to customers' needs.

Purchase of raw materials and consequent production of yarns

Selection of raw materials and production of yarns in Italy or abroad or direct purchase of yarns in Italy and/or abroad. Once the collections and new products have been designed, Davifil purchases, from a trusted network of suppliers, the raw materials or yarns for the production of small batches to keep in stock in order to be able to satisfy customers' first samples.

Product processing and customisation

At this stage, creativity, ideas and projects hitherto only thought of, become reality. Davifil counts on a wide network of subcontractors and suppliers with whom it collaborates both for production and for the creation of new articles. Possible manufacturing processes range from different spinning systems to spooling, twisting, dyeing, singeing and many other processes required to obtain the desired product

Quality assurance

Davifil constantly strives to guarantee the quality standard of its products through careful controls at every stage of production. Within our company we proudly boast a high-tech laboratory in which we analyse every yarn or raw material that enters our warehouses.

Promotion of our yarns in Italy and abroad

Promoting our yarns in Italy and abroad through our agents or at trade fairs, sampling, selling! Our textile excellence is extended both in Italy and abroad, and thanks to our sales network, we are able to weave strong relationships with business partners all over the world. We participate each year at international trade fairs where we present our collections. These events not only give us the opportunity to get noticed by potential customers, but also to share and show our passion for this work. The sampling we carry out once customers show interest and curiosity in our products is a final but crucial step in our process. It provides an opportunity to highlight the characteristics and performance of our yarns, thus allowing interested customers to directly experience the quality and versatility of our products.

Discover our yarns

Quality yarns for every season and style. Davifil offers a wide range of yarn collections to meet the needs of every customer.


Our collections are the result of study, research and innovation in order to bring new products to the market. Discover here our quality yarns for every season and style

Raw materials

In our production process we have always put into practice a strong sensitivity towards the environment, based on the constant use of natural and renewable raw materials

Spinning types

In its collections Davifil can boast yarns of all kinds and types, every fibre that comes through our hands is spun in the most appropriate machinery possible.