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Davifil has been committed for decades to scouting out and using natural and renewable raw materials, which are therefore biodegradable and anti-allergenic but most importantly already naturally dyed.

 Discover the main fibers you can find in our yarns!

Natural fibers of plant origin such as FLAX, HEMP, JUTA, COTTON or NETTLE are offered by nature already colored in shades ranging from white to beige, from hazelnut to rust, to different shades of browns and grays.

Natural fibers of animal origin, such as WOOLS, can also be found in nature already colored, from light beiges to deep tobacco, from soft browns to dark brown, and from pale grays to anthracite.
Another matter applies to SILK, which we can only find in nature in its classic ivory white, but which we extol for being the result of a delicate synergy with nature. Indeed, we owe its existence to a perfect combination of the mulberry tree and the silkworm.


Our commitment to sustainability and respect for the environment