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"To discover is to see what everyone has seen and to think what no one has thought."

Davifil's activity began in 1973, in an area, that of Biella, which has developed with the evolution of textile production. The proximity to the Alps and the presence of numerous rivers, together with the entrepreneurial spirit of the citizens of Biella, have made this small corner of Piedmont one of the most renowned centres for the Italian textile activity for the production of high quality yarns and fabrics, recognised throughout the world.

Tradition and creativity

After a few years as a spinning mill and the relocation to its current headquarters in Benna, today Davifil is a family-run business now in its third generation, producing and selling yarns mainly of vegetable and animal origin for clothing and furnishings. Over the years, although remaining a small company, Davifil has been able to distinguish itself on the market, , thanks to the creativity of its owners. Year after year, they are able to come up with new and original products, inspired by environmental sustainability and the natural beauty of what our land offers us.

Our philosophy

Our mission is to weave a sustainable future for our children, thread after thread. We are committed every day to offering innovative, high-quality yarns, yet always produced responsibly. Indeed, our work vision is one where yarns must not only meet high standards in terms of quality, but also ethical and ecological ones. Thanks to our strong business experience, our ongoing commitment to research and testing, and our focus on sustainable production processes, we are able to offer our customers classic and innovative yarns, always in line with market trends and demands

Our services

Stock service, doubling and twisting, spooling, dyeing, singeing, quality control, sampling and new custom-made requests.

Our production process

Research and study - Purchase of raw materials - Spinning - Yarn Customizing - Quality control - Worldwide sales.


Our commitment towards a sustainable production

Our team