What are they?

The cookies are information stored through the browser when a website is visited with any adequate device (like a pc, a tablet, or a smartphone).  Every cookie contains different data (for example the name of the server from which it comes, a numeric identifier, etc) and can remain in the system for the duration of a browsing session (until the browser is closed) or for a more prolonged period and can contain a unique identifying code.

For more information about cookies please visit the website of the Italian Privacy Authority.

What is their purpose?

The cookies are used for different purposes according to their typology: some are strictly necessary for the correct functionality of a website (technical cookies), whereas others optimize their performance in order to offer a better experience to the user or they allow to acquire statistics about the use of the website, as analytics cookies, or they allow to display customized advertising as the profiling cookies.


Any provision of the user’s consent is stored by DAVIFIL s.r.l., to the extent of its competence, through a technical cookie, with a duration of 12 months. The user is informed both through the brief information (the banner displayed at the first visit of the site until consent is given or denied, and through this extended information; furthermore, in paragraph 3 the links to the privacy policies of the third parties are indicated, also for the purpose of deactivate them (where directly available through them). The explicit provision of consent, for the purposes of current legislation, is recorded through technical cookies installed in the following cases, which require the active intervention of ‘user, or the closing of the banner containing the brief information, or the scrolling of the page.

Why we use cookies?

DAVIFIL uses cookies on its website in order to analyze the access to the web pages, customize information, content and services and ensure quality, trust, and safety for visitors/users. Furthermore, the tracking of cookies is essential for the use of some features and customizations (for example, the ability to add a fund to the “favorites”). By default, almost all web browsers are set to automatically accept the tracking of cookies. Visitors/users can still change the default configuration of their browser. As already stated, deactivating, or deleting cookies could however preclude the optimal use of some areas of the DAVIFIL site. In any case, if visitors/users want to decide from time to time whether or not to accept cookies, it is also possible to configure your browser to generate a warning every time a cookie is saved.