Yarns since 1973

Our history

The activity of Davifil began in 1973, in the Biella area, which developed through the evolution of textile production. The proximity to the Alps, the presence of many waterways combined with the entrepreneurial spirit of the inhabitants have made this small corner of Piedmont one of the most renowned centers of Italian textile activity for the production of high quality yarns and fabrics recognized throughout the world. After a few years of activity as a spinning mill and the transfer to its current location, today Davifil is a family-run company that produces and markets yarns for clothing, furniture, and knitwear for the textile industry.

Our philosophy

The commercial experience and the continuous commitment in the fields of research and experimentation
allow our company to offer its customers classic and innovative yarns,
always adhering to the trends and demands of the market

Corporate sustainability

The environmental sustainability and the ethical and social commitment on the territory are the challenges that involve us and that transmit more value to our work and higher quality to the products we offer to customers.
The raw materials used for our yarns are natural fibers such as linen, hemp, jute, ramie, cotton, moretta wools, grey and black sheep, colored alpacas, noble fibers in natural colors, wool from Biella shepherds and recycled and regenerated fibers.
The vast range of offers goes from the color shades of natural fibers, to the wool of colored sheep and animals that produce noble fibers, to regenerated materials, allow us to offer a considerable amount of yarns in natural colors without dyeing process.
Furthermore, the waste from production processes not suitable for spinning is used to produce a line of insulators designed and patented by Davifil for the green building sector.
The 100% of the electricity consumption produced by the company comes from photovoltaic systems.


Our products take part in the “Health Textile Association” (Associazione Tessile Salute), a project supported by the Italian Ministry of Health certified in Europe as Ethic.et, in order to guarantee our customers a certification system that evaluates the production process and confirms the absence of dangerous substances. We can also provide GOTS certification in some types of yarns, an international label that certifies the sustainability and social responsibility of organic yarn producers.
Davifil also complies with the REACH Regulation which monitors chemical substances and their methods of use in the textile supply chain.