Privacy Policy


Informative on the treatment of the data personal surrender to the senses of the arts. 13-14 of the Reg. (UE) 2016/679
GDPR (General Date Protection Regulation) and dispositions of realization


1. Titular of the Treatment

headquartered in Benna (BI), in via N.Sauro 43
Fiscal Code and Partita Iva 01672450028

The data of contact are the followings:

PHONE: 015.2558198

2. Treatment of the data

In general he informs that:
• all the data are essays in permissible, correct and transparent way towards the party, in the respect of the anticipated general principles from the GDPR and from the Code Privacy;
• we pick up and we treat only your data for the suitable finalities in the present Informative or for the specifications shared finality already with you e/o regarding which have expressed the consent;
• we have the objective to pick up, to treat and to use the smaller number of data personnels possible;
• when we must pick up your personal data, we assure us that they are the most precise and adjourned possible;
• if the personal data that we pick up are not more necessary for some finality and we are not kept to preserve them for obligation of law, we will do everything how much possible to cancel them to destroy them or anonimizzarli;
• specific safety measures are observed for preventing the loss of the data, illegitimate uses, or not correct and non authorized accesses;
• your personal data won't be shared, sold, I made available or communicated to different subjects in comparison to those suitable in the Informative one 다운로드.

3. Gives picked and finality of the treatment

The data that are picked up in the ways under pointed out will be treated with the support of papery (forms of recording, forms of order, et cetera) means, computer (managerial software, bookkeeping, et cetera) and telematici with logics of organization and elaboration tightly correlated to the finalities themselves and however so that to guarantee the safety, the integrity and the reservation of the data themselves in the respect of the organizational measures, physics and anticipated logics from the dispositions in force.
Where the subject that he/she confers the data has an inferior age a 16 years, such treatment is permissible only if and in the measure in which such consent is lent or authorized by the holder of the responsibility genitoriale for which the data are acquired.

The computer systems and the procedures software preceded to the operation of the sites web above suitable they acquire, during their normal exercise, some personal data whose transmission is implicit in the use of the protocols of communication of Internet, defined "gives of navigation."
It deals with information that are not picked to be in partnership to identified parties, but that for them nature they would be able. through elaborations and associations with data held by bystanders. to allow to identify the consumers.

In this category of data they reenter you for instance address him IP or the dominion names of the computers used by the consumers that they connect him to the site, you address him in notation URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) of the in demand resources, the schedule of the application, the method used in to submit the application to the server, the dimension of the file gotten in answer, the pointing out numerical code the state of the answer given by the server (good end, error, etc.) and other parameters related to the operating system and to the computer environment of the consumer 다운로드.
These data are used to the elegant solo to draw anonymous statistic information on the use of the site and to check its correct operation. The data could be used besides for the check of responsibility in case of hypothetical computer crimes against the site (legitimate affairs of the holder).
The data are exclusively essays from inside personnel, regularly authorized and educated to the treatment and you/they won't be communicated to external subjects, diffused or moved to countries extra-UE. Only in case of investigation you/they can have made of the competent authorities available.
The data are as a rule preserved for brief periods of time, to exception of possible connected prolongations to activity of investigation 다운로드.
The data are not conferred by the party but automatically acquired by the technological systems of the site.

3.1 Cookies

I cookies are text files memorized in your computer or in your mobile device that I/you/they are used by the sites web above suitable for the experience to make for the consumer more efficient.
The site uses technical cookies and cookie c.d. of profilazione, also of third parts The European Rule requires that the "visitor of the site / consumer of the base" expresses the consent to the treatment of the personal data that you/they also concern him/it through a direct, explicit, unequivocal and distinguishable action for the so-called ones "technical cookie."

In the special one a form "Cookie Policy" the used cookieses are suitable, all the technical mechanisms for the management and the possible revocation of the consent granted to the senses of the new Rule. Consulting the form, the party is autonomously able to take vision of the granted consents and, eventually, to revoke the consent to one or more circles of activity of the cookieses 쥰페이 다시 생각해 다운로드.
For specific information on as we manage the cookies you can consult our cookie policy to the page Cookie Policy.

3.2 Picked data with the consent of the consumer and finality of the treatment

The optional, explicit and voluntary dispatch of personal data inside the different present forms in the site above suitable, expressly accepting the informative privacy, it involves the following acquisition of the nominative and the address email of the sender, necessary to answer to the applications, as well as of the possible other inserted personal data. To the data you/he/she can enter, only for thin of maintenance, the society that manages the technological infrastructure and his/her appointees.

The picked data will be treated with the following finalities:
- To contractually give execution to the agreed upon performances;
- To carry out to obligations of law and bookkeeping and administrative nature;
- To carry out to all the obligations of law posts to load of the Holder of the treatment.

3.3 Register

This page allows the recording of the consumer the site through the creation of username and password exclusive to be able to free enter to a series of services through special bank drafts:
A series of personal (client's Category, social Reason, Sector, Name, Last name, Address, CAP, Place, Partita IVA or Fiscal Code, Email, Telephone, Fax) data you/they are required rgss300.dll.
The registration is subordinate to the acceptance of specific, free and informed consent. The data are exclusively essays from personal regularly authorized and educated to the treatment

According to the in demand services, the data are preserved for compatible times with the specific finality of the harvest. The conferment of the reported data to the obligatory fields is necessary to be able to get an answer. The missed conferment of the suitable data as obligatory or some consent involves the impossibility to be able to access the different services.

3.4 Confirmation order

This page, attainable during the procedure of purchase, it allows those people that are interested to the products and services proposed by the site to record him as clients and to effect the purchase online of the products / services. The already recorded clients to the site and in possession of proper username and password can proceed to the purchase previously recovering already all the data inserted 다운로드. In the form proposed a series of personal (client's Category, social Reason, Sector, Name, Last name, Address, CAP, Place, Partita IVA or Fiscal Code, email, Telephone, Fax) data and the choice you/they are required to the new clients from the party of an username and a password individual and exclusive. The registration is subordinate to the acceptance of specific, free and informed instructed to the treatment. The data are preserved for compatible times with the in force normative national administrative and fiscal. The conferment of the reported data to the obligatory fields is necessary to be able to get an answer. The missed conferment of the suitable data as obligatory or some consent involves the impossibility to be able to effect of you purchase him.

3.5 Login

The page Login allows the access a reserved area of the site for those people who are already recorded clients and that they own special bank drafts of access (username and password), or that they are recorded as new clients filling out the present form in the page "Register" and producing her own bank drafts of access (user and password) 다운로드.

4. Firm categories of recipients of the data

Staying the communications performed in fulfillment of obligations of law and contractual, all the picked and elaborate data can exclusively be communicated for the finalities above you specify to the following categories of parties: Society or professional Studies that lend activity of consultation or collaboration in bookkeeping subject, fiscal, legal, commercial; Public administrations for the carrying out of the institutional functions in the limits established by the Law; to third suppliers of services which the communication is necessary for the fulfillment of the performances object of the contract.

5. Period of maintenance

The obligatory data to the contractual, bookkeeping and connected goals to the disbursement of the service are preserved for the necessary time to the carrying out of the contractual relationship, understood ivi the relative applicable legislative requisite. The data of whom doesn't purchase or usufruisce of products / services, having had also a precedent contact with some representatives of the firm, you/they will immediately be cancelled or treated in anonymous form, where their maintenance doesn't result otherwise justified, except that the relative informed consent of the parties has validly been acquired to a following activity of commercial promotion or search of market.

6. Juridical base

The elaboration of the data of the client founds him on the furnished consent or on the fact that the elaboration is necessary for the execution of a contract in which the client is a contracting part, or to adopt the necessary measures before stipulates her/it some contract on application of the client (cfr 7 z Download. art. 6 pars. 1 lett to and b of the GDPR).
If the elaboration founds him on the consent of the consumer, the same you/he/she can revoke him/it in any moment using the data of contact pointed out to the point 1.
To be able to proceed to stipulates her/it of a contract regarding the purchase of goods or services it is necessary to furnish the in demand personal data. If all the in demand data are not furnished, it won't be possible to furnish how much in demand.

7. The party's rights

To the senses of the European Rule 679/2016 (GDPR) and of the normative national, the party is able, according to the formalities and in the anticipated limits from the in force normative, to practice the right followings:

  • to ask for the confirmation of the existence of personal data that you/they concern him/it (access right);
  • to know its origin;
  • to receive communication of it intelligible;
  • possession information around the logic, the formalities and the finalities of the treatment;
  • to ask for of it the updating, the rectification, the integration, the cancellation, the transformation in anonymous form, the block of the data treated in violation of law, inclusive ivi those more necessary to the pursuit of the purposes for which I/you/they have been picked; in the cases of based treatment on consent, to receive his/her own data furnished to the holder, in structured form and legible from a computer of data and in a format commonly used by an electronic device;
  • the right to introduce a claim to the authority of control.

The exercise of its rights can happen through the dispatch of an application through email to the address to the Holder of the treatment 다운로드.

8. Transfer of the personal data out of the area UE

La management and the maintenance of the Personal Data it will happen on server duly situated inside the European union of the Titular e/o of entrusted third society. The data won't be out object of transfer of the European union. It stays in every understood case that the Holder, made where him necessary, you/he/she will have faculty to move the location of the servers in Countries extra-UE. In such case, the Holder assures since of now that the transfer of the data will happen in conformity to the applicable dispositions of law stipulating, if necessary, accords that guarantee a level of protection adjusted

9. Updating

The present Informative can be object of periodic revision, also in relationship to the normative one and jurisprudence of reference Tun Tap OsX download. In case of meaningful variations you/he/she can be given, for once congruous, opportune evidence in the homepage of the site. You invites the party to periodically consult the present informative however.