Begins work on the initiative of the owner and CEO and other 2 members in rented premises with 3 employees.


Growth continues with the expansion of the plant en number of employees.


Construction of an industrial plant of 4500 square meters more offices in the town of Brusnengo which in 1980 became the new headquarters with new plants and 45 employees.


Change of the company and modify the strategy and commercial production. The production is largely delocated abroad. They are sold plants and the factory so the firm continue the activities with a more flexible and streamlined with only 7 employees.


The all shares are purchased by the managing director.


The activity continues with investments in research and testing of new products in the enhancement of laboratory quality control, improvements in commercial services to customers that allow the company to grow in revenues and assets.

Acquisition of a new factory with 3000 mt of building warehouses and offices and services in the municipality of Benna which becomes the current new headquarters.


Buy new stable in Benna via Nazario Sauro n ° 43

Total M2 7000 properties
Sheds covered M2 2800
Offices and Services M2 300



Improvement of the Headquarters
Renovation of old roof with eternity removal and installation of two photovoltaic plants of 25 kwp E 16.5 kwp


Investing in research with the installation of an experimental laboratory equipped to develop new yarns and new products in the field of natural insulating materials for bio-building.